Sarah Sze at the Victoria Miro Gallery – London

Sarah Sze’s new artworks are on show at the Victoria Miro gallery in London, until the 11th of August 2012. She is the artist which will represent the United States of America at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013.

Sarah Sze, Victoria Miro Gallery, Positive Magazine, London

It is the second solo exhibition of the artist in this venue, where it happens that her installations seem to be particularly comfortable.
The interrelated body of work represents the transformation of everyday objects in some sort of conceptual constellations. Sara Sze re-imagines the gallery as a kind of laboratory where observation, examination, and exploration are developing, as in the laboratory of mind.

Like ideas, dreams, perceptions, all enclosed in a room.
The lower gallery shows a bright white light, while the second floor is characterized by a deep dark.

Born in Boston in 1969, the artist lives and works in New York.
Three of her permanent installations are on view at the High Line, NYC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the Seattle Opera House.

Her aesthetic point of view consists in penetrating walls, suspending from ceilings and burrowing into the ground.
Sze’s manipulation on spaces exists at the intersection of sculpture, painting and architecture, like in a symphony of surfaces and materials.
By creating a mixture of human leftovers and small insignificant objects, her aim is to suggest a new experience of space, while disorienting and reorienting the viewer at every turn.


Edited by Matilde Casaglia 
Installations by Sarah Sze –

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