P Gerard Barker is one of those photographers that work with a series of devices to create their artworks. Barker works with old-school cameras, smartphones and apps to create a series of photographs that encourges the viewer to stop and look at the piece of work in a deeper, more meaningful way. By endulging a little longer in front of the photograph, the viewer is able to see the different layers of the work. Barker’s inspiration comes from cityscapes and trips abroad to the everyday visuals you might see or walk past such as a motorbike in the street or a washing machine in a launderette.
P Gerard Barker | credits https://www.west-contemporary.com/
The new series, Food for Thought, is on display in a new London go to hot spot, The West Contemporary art space, which is at the iconic Kerridges Bar and Grill at the London Corinthia Hotel (the restaurant is owned by the double Michelin star chef Tom Kerridge). These works are inspired by a day spent with Tom and his cooking team in his first restaurant (The Hand and Flowers) in Marlow. Barker takes shots both in the kitchen and the surrounding areas in Marlow and inside the Hotel.
P Gerard Barker | credits https://www.west-contemporary.com/

P Gerard Barker is represented by the Art Consultancy, West Contemporary.  Based in London and Dubai, West Contemporary works with an eclectic mix of artists including sculptors, painters, mixed media artists light art and photographers. It was founded by Liam West FRSA (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts), leading founder of Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art and who has worked in the art world for 20 years.

In partnership with Tom Kerridge, West Contemporary has presented a dynamic new art space into the heart of the restaurant Kerridge’s Bar & Grill in the Corinthia Hotel. The aim is to make art more accessible to people.

P Gerard Barker | credits https://www.west-contemporary.com/

This aim has firmly put an emphasis on The Best of British Magazine and the fusion of food and art created in London. The collaboration is pioneering the movement of #GastroArt. This movement believes in a new way of collecting contemporary British art placing it in non-gallery environment, moving it into a new arena, where people normally don’t stop to appreciate art. The fusion between art and food takes place not only in the Corinthia Hotel but also in Claridges, The Café Royal, The Royal Albert Hall and the Dubai Opera House.

Other artists on display are: Chris MoonBeth Cullen KerridgeMatt RoeMark Beattie,Carne Griffiths and Peter Ceredige Evans.

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