the Goa Trance culture scene

Photo: Sebastian Văcăriuc

The photographs shown in this project provide insight into the Goa Trance culture and festival scene.

The ideology of this movement focuses on freedom of expression, spiritual growth and community development through art, space decoration, light play, video mapping and even body decoration (through costumes and body painting),along with incredible music created with both modern and traditional instruments from all over the world. The series aims to capture this colorful world that brings people from all the walks of life and from all corners of the earth together in perfect harmony. It is clear that the love for the music and the ideology has the ability to unite and create beautiful, meaningful connections that are quite different from what we currently know in our modern times.

It also aims to show how fantastic it is to combine all the primordial elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and of course Spirit, all these united in one amazing place to create a sense of peace and brotherhood. The photos depict mutual acceptance,regardless of age or race, creating a safe haven of playfulness, laughter and good vibrations.

Colorful lights dance on buildings and in the hands of jugglers during the night, filling the viewer’s eyes and hearts with wonder and hope. Firemen are praised as heroes simply for splashing participants with water during the hottest days. Children dance and play along with their parents and make new friends from all over the world.

Warm people with beautiful smiles, splendid minds and amazing costumes gather around stages to experience the music in a completely different way, absolutely in love with everything! Kind and caring, willing to learn and to teach, patient and fun-loving, it creates a stunning visual impact as well as memories that will be held dear for a lifetime.

About the author:
Sebastian Văcăriuc was born in 1992. He lives and works in Cluj Napoca, Romania as a photographer and cinematographer. He graduated from Babes Bolyai University,Faculty of Theatre and Television.He was a   finalist in the Sony World Photography Awards Student Focus Competition and later published by them in the annual book; Iqool,Metropotam and Foto4all Magazine have also published his work.


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