Graffiti by Bartosz Mateńki

Photos by Bartosz Mateńki

Bartosz Mateńki’s photostory Graffiti refers to the best traditions of the Polish school of sociological photography from the 70s. Raw in form, not overstylised, and full of energy and dynamics, the black-and-white photographs tell us about the world of the underground, which most can’t enter, rolling past us, so to speak, . The author explores the mystery of the graffiti-creation process. These colourful images, which in the momentum of everyday life drive us to escape, reflect, contemplate, read pictographic writing. To show us the process of formation of the new world of colour on the edge of the law, the slightly dark and dangerous atmosphere, the author had to gain the trust of the graffiti artists. To be admitted to the secret circle. Jump over fences and overcome barriers as they did. Approach the subject as closely as possible. He succeeded.
Krzysztof Miller

Bartosz Mateńko – (b. 1987, Szczecin). He specialises in documentary photography and reportage. Studying photography at the National Film School in Łódź. Graduate of Polish philology at the University of Szczecin. He is also an adept of culture animator course. Bartosz participated in street photography workshop with Bruce Gilden from Magnum. His works have been exhibited in Poland, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Israel.

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