“I have been documenting the daily lives of teenagers in British working-class communities for more than a decade. After the UK’s Brexit referendum, I focused my attention on Belfast.” – Toby Binder.

In the next issue of our Magazine we will talk about Toby Binder, the German photographer, whose work has been awarded and nominated internationally. 

Here we present “Wee Muckers”, his last work that shows the daily life of teenagers in Belfast, both Protestant and Catholic, living in the country within six different neighborhoods. The photographer eloquently proposed a visual narration of the long-standing historical divisions between two ways of doing things, the English and the Irish. Through the capturing of young bodies that perform that environment, he opens a reflection for who no longer wants to accomplish the status quo.

We invite you to support this great project and make it happen!

If the budget goal will be reached by December the 6th, the book will be printed in cooperation with the well-known German publisher Kehrer. You can pre-order your copy and original prints of the project now on Kickstarter, helping to bring this young scenario to life.

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