Like the other editions in the past years, the 2018 Paris photo takes place at the Gand Palais. Lot of photographers from all around the world are exposing and signing their books here in Paris.

The atmosphere is always exciting and the program is full of new events and experiences. This year is characterized by a brand new sector called “CURIOSA”.

“CURIOSA” is completely focused on erotic images and we have the pleasure to assist at its first edition, photographers as Akio Nagasawa and Antoine d’Agata are exposing here their works.

Another interesting part of the Paris photo 2018 are the speeches with photographers, on Friday 9 it will take place a speech between Daido Moriyama and Simon Baker, the new director of MEP ( maison européenne de la photographie), while on Sunday will talk the Italian Oliviero Toscani, known for his controversial advertising photos.

Than there is the sector “shego/ hego/ ego” that’s the mcevoy family collection, the exhibited artist go from Mapplethorpe to Cindy Sherman and lots more.

So, as we said this year is the Paris photo full of new entries but meanwhile others galleries and bookshops are active as the main event. At the boat library Polycopies for example are presenting and signing books photographers as Todd Hido and Anders Petersen, while at the Page Blanche Stefano de Luigi’s vernissage is taking place with his new work “Idyssey”.
Let’s see if we make it all.
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