My project is the reflection of my own feelings I have experienced here. I travel a lot but Bali remains one of my favourite places, the place I want to get back again and again.

Bali has an unique atmosphere, religion and culture, it’s completely  different world. World itself. Bali is a place people come to escape from routine dimensions, common beliefs and season change. People come for fun, adventure but the fact is instead of losing yourself into tropical paradise you’ll more likely find true spiritual freedom. The island is not a distraction it’s a chance to think outside the box. Don’t hesitate, use it, stay focus, feel the vibe and you’ll gain more. The island isn’t idyllic as posters state and local’s life is far from harmony but somehow it manages to fill you with calm and peace, unique aura surrounding you here.

Ivan Tykhy – Ukrainian, was born in 1982 in Kiev. From 2005 to 2008 he had been working as staff photographer for Ukrainian National Press Agency. Since 2008 – independent photographer. Traveler.

2012 – National Press Photographers Association – Honorable Mention (USA)
2012 – HIPA Awards – short list (United Arab Emirates) Exhibitions
2013 – Personal Exhibition ” Sitting on a Powder Keg”, Stowarzyszenie Tygiel Artyst “Tygart” (Krakow, Poland)


Beautiful sunset on Kuta beach

People taking part in Hindu ceremony at the temple in Ubud city

Local surfer




Performers at a backstage getting ready for Kecak dance.

Balinese fishermen on a lake, Batur volcano in the background


Portrait of a local boy at food market in Ubud .


Portrait of a local man in Kuta



Ogoh-Ogoh parade during the celebration of Neypi - Balinese New Year

View of a Kuta beach at sunset. Kuta is a famous touristic attraction on Bali

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