square succession by Jie Liu

Photos by Jie Liu

Jie Liu is an artist and photographer living and working in Munich. He was born in Xiían, China and studied there Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Xiían. He lives since 2003 in Germany, where he studied fine arts from 2004 to 2011 at the School of Art and Design Kassel.

The artist looks into a placeless and timeless dimension through the camera. The question “Where” about the facades and the construction has become meaningless in his pictures. The locations which are focused in this photo series are global Non-Places. Those isolated places are nowhere and everywhere. They are positioned like faceless and emotionless models. And solitary, whose ultimate purpose stays unclear, is presented in extreme sharpness without sign of human. The difference between fiction and realness are overruled in the digital manipulated photography of the global nowhere. Simulation and reality can be found transferred into an equivalent status. The contemporary architecture can always deliver phenomenal scenery in a certain way. The intension here is to present the urban landscape in the anonymous places, whose unusual appearances are accomplished due to the modernized technology.
A surreal utopia is therefore created in the ideal world of the artist.

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Packington Square, N1

Packington Square, N1

Edited by: Riccardo Del Fabbro -riccardodelfabbro@gmail

A new editorial by Ella Uzan

A new editorial by Ella Uzan

Photography: Ella Uzan Hair & Makeup: Dan Michaeli Style: Chen Babani

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