Veraneio – a project by Matheus Nepomuceno

This series of photographs are composed of the same region and time. The photographs are an invitation into a nostalgia of something never experienced before by the viewer, memories transformed into images which reconstruct the summers of a life that could be anyone’s.

This predisposition to using analog cameras is repeated throughout Nepomucenos’s projects. On another project, he took the road on a trip throughout Brazilian semi-arid region in the countryside of Brazilian northeastern region.

Matheus was brought up in the north-east coast of Brazil, where the sun wouldn’t go down and the afternoons were endless. During the month of December, he and his parents would take to the road and head to João Pessoa, where his grandparents lived. His childhood memories were thoroughly molded during these years of his life. Some of the memories from those gleaming cloudless skies still pervade Matheu’s mind lucidly, however, most of them are fragmented scents, sensations, phrases, silhouettes, light, and color.

Last year his grandfather handed him down a collection of his old film cameras, It took him a while to go through them. He came across an Olympus AF-1 and realized that it was still loaded with film. Matheus eventually developed that old 35mm and was amazed to see photographs from 10 years ago. The relationship between photography and memory became even more evident to him.

With Veraneio he decided to reconstruct the journey he would take with my family, packed with expired film from that same period of time. As he retraced the route it became clear to me that he should portray my most dear nostalgic memories. Some of the expired rolls were undoubtedly lost during this process and others had been strained through the years. Almost like memories, some photographs are indisputably clearer than others. This project also resulted in a photo book that is yet to be published.

About the author:
Matheus Nepomuceno is 23 years old photographer. He lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. After a semester studying at UAL Central Saint Martins, he decided to focus on documental analog photography.


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