This series of photographs are composed of the same region and time. The photographs are an invitation into a nostalgia of something never experienced before by the viewer, memories transformed into images which reconstruct the summers of a life that could be anyone's.
brasil, Paulo

ccording to Wikipedia, San Paulo is the 4th biggest city on the Planet in area, 12th in population. Few blocks from the City Hall, the Stock Exchange, the Central Bank, the city Cathedral and lots of public institutions, among so many other companies and services that a location like this can attract. The concrete heart […]

"Usina da Alegria Planetária" is a community of Brazilian artists that opted to live together in the quiet countryside city of Cotia, far away from the chaos of stressful and gray urban environment of São Paulo, where most of them originally come from.

Brasilia can be a tough city to photograph in at first.  Its huge, empty open spaces and unwalkable roads; the way people seems to always be in their cars and never on the rare sidewalks; its narrowly planned boredom so typical of a city built to segregate. The only place one can find some energy […]

Photos by Sebastian Palmer Over the past 3 years I have been living with and photographing sections of Brazilian society that have been marginalised and discriminated against. It is my aim to create a body of work that raises awareness for vulnerable sections of society; to give them a voice and in doing so hope […]

Macapá is the unique Brazilian state capital crossed by the Amazon River. After the high tide, old wooden posts become the goal of a soccer field popularly known as “foot-mud”. The water level goes down, the game begins. It rises, the game is over. The time of the watch has no sense. The rain and […]

Photos by Massimo Failutti