A Brasilian Community in London

Photos by Emiliano Capozoli Biancarelli

Emiliano Capozoli, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1984. He is a journalism graduate and he works in Europe as a correspondent photographer of the Brazilian press. After studying cinema in Paris for a year, he moved to London where he graduated with a MA in photojournalism and documentary photography at London College of Communication.

It is believed that the biggest Brazilian community in Europe is based in the United Kingdom, numbering around 150 thousand people. One can find families, hard working people, students, pastors, cleaners and the list goes on. A big percentage of these people have actually created a small Brazil inside the UK. They can’t speak English, so they work, pray and enjoy their particular world inside a completely different society. Nightclubs, hairdresser salons, restaurants, bars, churches and shops are their meeting point.

The photo story was shot in Elephant and Castle, South-East London, in the heart of the Brazilian community there. The main idea is work with two absolutely contrasted groups that do share equal enthusiasm and energy. Emiliano Capozoli spent Fridays and Saturdays attending a nightclub party and some Sundays in a Baptist Church walking between drunken guys chatting up with girls and pastors trying to make people feel better. Beside their nationality, language and the fact that they belong to the same hybrid society, it was possible to find a few other common points between them that one could see through the images taken.

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