This series of photographs are composed of the same region and time. The photographs are an invitation into a nostalgia of something never experienced before by the viewer, memories transformed into images which reconstruct the summers of a life that could be anyone's.

We interviewed a new young photographer from Spain: Jesús Alcalá. He define himself as an amateur photographer living in Extremadura, Spain. He was born in 1995 and he shoots with a 35mm camera. Jesús usually takes photos about his life. When did you start to think about photography? I started to take photos two years […]

Positive Magazine starts a news series of interviews with young photographers we found on our flickr group page. Today we interviewed Christina Stoever. She is a 19 year old photographer living in Detroit, Michigan and she shoots with 35mm film and strives to capture life in its most candid and natural states. Her inspiration is […]

Riccardo Ceccato is a 26 years old italian photographer. He graduated in Industrial Design in 2012, following a master’s degree in photography at John Kaverdash school in Milan. His work is a constant research for shapes, lights, situations that recall a specific mood. “Milano Sottoterra” (Milan Underground) is a series of photographs that tell the […]