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Lior Sperandeo

Lior Sperandeo in an Israeli Visual Artist based in Europe. His base is just an address since he feels home everywhere. He is attracted by the marginalized, the “ugly”, the non-aesthetic to our western eyes. He will show us what we avoid of, recalling for mutual responsibility, solidarity and care for the other. He is […]

I was interviewing the voice of the voiceless, the eyes that witnessed the worst war crimes occurring today in our world. I was talking with a broken heart, grieving on what used to be a home. It was a conversation with bravery, immense strength and ambition. This is not the story of Essa solely, but the story of human society, solidarity, justice and survival. This is a testimony we should ...

Tamar Shemesh in conversation with Andrea Mazzini, president of MFR, the Month of Photography in Rome.