This research is about the alteration of nature and human geometry. Architecture and social behaviors change or influence the landscape, and become themselves a part of it. Human proportio is about man's attempt to change a wild and partially dangerous environment, through his vision of geometrical forms and rules. What emerges from this is the desire to create a "controlled" ...

Fatal talks about friendship, there are two couples who happen to be very good friends with each other, that kind of relationship may cause a feeling of trust that turns complicated when it comes to limits.

Photos by Andy Fabrykant Andy Fabrykant was born in Argentina in 1984. He studied filmmaking at the Film University of Buenos Aires (FUC) and he did a master degree in Czech Republic at FAMU. Today he lives in Paris and he has already made 4 exhibitions (2011 – Paris, des lieux et de gens – […]

Photos by Mariana Fuentes Zamorano Technique: analog photography, Fuji film 400 pushed to 640. Double exposure. Location: Puerto Pyramides, Puerto Madryn, Gaiman (Chubut, Argentina) (July, 2012)

Photos by Federico Ortega Sanchez Federico Ortega Sanchez was born in Argentina, he grew up in a suburban town north of Buenos Aires. He began taking photographs after studying cinematography in 2008. between 2008 and 2012 he attended to several workshops with argentine photographers, such as Juan Travnick, Eduardo Gil and Alberto Goldenstein. These photographs […]

Sebastian Wesman's performance "A Blue Bird" is a stunning marriage of the classic and the contemporary, blurring the lines of traditional music and art.

Photos by Pablo Motllau Pablo Montllau is a 25 year old photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.