Sebastian Wesman: A Blue Bird

Sebastian Wesman’s film “A Blue Bird” is a stunning marriage of the classic and the contemporary, blurring the lines of traditional music and art.

The Argentinian – born composer recorded the raw and ethereal piece at a church in Estonia along with artists from several other countries. “A Blue Bird” is a narrative that is as auditorial as it is visual and one can easily imagine a trapped song bird flying desperately from one church bow to the other under the influence of the words and music. Wesman’s blend of the classical instrument and ancient surroundings feels fresh chronicled in his contemporary blend of experimentation and drama. Now officially part of the FeCl Festival de Cine de Ituzaingó in Argentina, “A Blue Bird” is a must see.

“A Blue Bird” is currently showing during the month of November at the Stockholm Kurlturhuset in Stockholm, Sweden. Details can be found here.

Be sure to watch both the trailer and the excerpt of a live performance below.





Edited by Jenna E. Garrett.
Video & Photographs by Sebastian Wesman.

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