Jenna E. Garrett

Texas-based photographer Jeremy Underwood tries to make a positive mark on the world with his sculptures of other people's trash.

POSI+TIVE speaks with Alex Veledzimovich, a photographer living and working in Vitebsk, Belarus.

Spanish documentary photographer Arnau Oriol captures the fleeting faces of his daily London commute.

Australian Photographer's empty landscapes act as visual markers for memory and nostalgia.

Sebastian Wesman's performance "A Blue Bird" is a stunning marriage of the classic and the contemporary, blurring the lines of traditional music and art.

Behind the scenes of Paris Photo with London-based gallery Brancolini Grimaldi.

Italian photographer Matteo Varsi uses expired polaroid film as a visual diary of his everyday life.

Finnish photographer Vilma Pimenoff explores the psychology of perception through strange, alien figures both fascinating and foreboding. POSI+TIVE chats with her about the method behind the madness.

Designer Carl W. Heindl's DIY studio lighting coupled with medium format film illustrates how far a little ingenuity and inspiration can go.

Bulgarian artist Arslan Ahmedov uses a combination of analogue photography and manipulated texture to create ephemeral portraits and ethereal landscapes, all just beyond reach.