Edited by Jenna E. Garrett. Photos by Arslan Ahmedov.

Bulgarian artist Arslan Ahmedov uses a combination of analogue photography and manipulated texture to create ephemeral portraits and ethereal landscapes, all just beyond reach. Often naming his works after mythological gods and famous people from history, Ahmedov insists these are not direct representations of the legends themselves but a nuance in our own minds of these long forgotten glories. Obscuring the image allows for a play with time, removing the “now” and “then” for a suspended reality without obvious identity or location.



Who Cares About Ophelia, Everything is Light


I will Step On The Chair To be Closer to Greco


Erstellt von Licht

The Suicide Of Dorothy Hale



Family Portrait

Arslan Ahmedov is a twenty-nine year old from Sofia, Bulgaria. He presently works as a GIS specialist at the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute. He has been photographing since 2006.


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