From Europe to Guinea-Bissau


Mauritania was a wonderful Sahara experience. The Sand often paint the sky, my hairs, my ears, and my eyes.
Nouadhibou and Nouakchott were chaos. Getting out of towns was the best, driving out, direction this wild land of dryness more east.

The desert has some wonderful villages where generous people will always offer you a tea and a conversation.
On the east, until Ouadâne and Chinguetti where the sand storm keep on for weeks.

Chinguetti is a very beautiful old town that was built and rebuild at different location due to sand storms covering the town.

The town was built out of clay and stones coming from a single underground mine. Some colors that fit the landscape and often the sky too.

Heading then south through Rachid and Tidjikdja. A road that go north to south on the east part of the country. Basically crossing the Sahara. Some nomad families live there.

And then back west following the Mali-Senegal border until Diama reaching the Senegalese border. Keep on south…

On those roads and villages sometimes are oasis. An underground spring that help them growing food in the Sahara. This food is mainly dattes.

Nomads still live and travel this desert land. Sometimes they will pass through those towns to get supply or make deals.

An exploration of these remote desertique nature and a photography project of the beautiful and great people that share an intimate life with sand.

About the author:
Vincent Karcher was born in 1990. He studied photography at Marsan School in Montreal, Canada. He lives and travel without fix house since 10 years now. His work was part of few exhibitions. He has been published in articles by 121 clicks and EYE-Photo Magazine.

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