Shane is a designer, photographer and illustrator based in London. He's worked with many brands in over 10 years of design. He also shoots photos on London streets, sharing them on his Instagram.

Home is a journey through the places in which photographer Claudio Sanna was born and raised. The work is set in the surroundings of Cagliari, his hometown, which is also the county town of his beloved Sardinia.

In this series of portraits “Gold Rush” The photographer explores the coexistence of two different eras. With eight models and the help from the crew members. The project shows the contrast between economic motivations of American civilians in mid 19th century as people of modern day. By posing these characters with 21st century technology. The […]

Equipped with her Pentax camera (6×7 medium format negatives), Berber shoots portraits, still lives and landscapes. These images are powerful and simultaneously stilled by the simplicity of their composition, their spherical colors, cuts, depth, claire-obscure, close cased shadows and overexposed segments. Her photos are pure, intimate and emotional charged. Berber therefore chooses to shoot those […]

Afrikans is an extensive photographic project on Aisha’s documentation of blacks on the Afrikan continent and transplanted blacks in her diaspora. English Globalization/Britainization/ Westernization or white supremacy has contaminated the aesthetic mentality of black people and the other races surrounding them. Everyone wants to be “modernized” or embrace their absolute whiteness. With learning someone else’s […]

The italian photographer Paolo Simi, based in Milan, shot for us in the past some portraits of the boys in Milan during the last fashion week. Now we present a new series of portraits of these beautiful models in town for the fashion week that it took place in Milan in February. Photography: Paolo Simi […]

During the last men fashion week in Milan we asked to the Italian photographer Paolo Simi to shoot some portraits of models in town. We present here our selection of guys that have been walking around the catwalks in London, Milan and Paris. All models are signed with “I Love Models Agency” in Milan. Photographer: […]

Photography by Gianluca De Simone Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? I was born in Rome and ever since I can remember I’ve had an interest in the visual arts in one form or another. In 2006 I quit my job in TV production and moved to Australia, where […]

Photos by Heami Lee I work as a digital tech and assistant for photographers. When I am traveling for work or for pleasure I ask a stranger to come to my hotel room and I take a portrait of them. There must be a connection felt and then I approach them. Within the first 5 […]

Artem Nadyozhin is young photographer from Kiev. Raised in Pervomaisk, a small industrial town on the south of Ukraine, Artem still finds his inspiration in the memories of foggy landscapes and abandoned factories of his hometown which had significant influence on his manner of photography. Lowered contrast, desaturated colors and slightly blurred contours perform the […]