[dropcap]H[/dropcap]e has long wanted to work on a project about what he considers home, a project which would have been very personal, almost intimate, like a diary.

He was looking for something which would have allow him to rediscover in a more deeply way those places and the people who live there. Like in a diary he collects everything that catches his attention, places, details, faces.

The style he uses reflects the way you usually writes in a personal diary, instinctively and confused and that’s why the images are often grainy, gloomy and blurry.
The most important element of the project are the people, you can almost say that the whole project revolves around them. Some of them are people he already knows very well, other are just people he met occasionally, on the street or in some social network, and he founds them interesting.

This is what the photographer loves about photography, the opportunity to get into someone else life, to get in touch also with people which belong to a very different environment from yours.
He photographs any subject in the most natural way possible, while chatting and often between a beer and the other. For him it is important to establish a certain degree of intimacy.

He has begun this project at the end of 2015 and probably it will accompany him for a long time still. He loves the freedom it gives to him, the possibility to photograph everything that strikes him. Home is such a personal thing for all, and with this project Claudio Sanna would like to convey the viewer what he senses as home.

About the author:
Claudio Sanna was born in 1985. He lives and works in Italy as photographer. In 2011 he graduated in Communication with a degree thesis about photojournalism. He attended several workshops in documentary photography. He has won a Honorable Mention at International Photographer Of The Year 2016 and has been selected among the 100 best works at Photolux Leica Award 2014.

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