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Cristian Di Stefano was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina (1973). Has lives in Barcelona and Madrid for the past eleven years. Having had experience across subjects including hairdressing, marketing, communications and graphic design, he now focuses on photography and creative directing for different magazines and brands such as: Diesel, Gori de Palma, V Magazine, Dazed Digital, Vs. Magazine, Fiasco, Tiger, Neo2, Schön! among others.


Can you introduce yourself ?
I have never been good at speaking about myself, nevertheless I shall try to do my very best. I was born in Argentina, in the city of Mar del Plata. As a child I always stood out in graphic arts. Studied graphic design and marketing until I went to Mallorca and discovered photography thanks to a very good friend of mine who was himself a photographer and encouraged me to study the matter. No need to say that he did not have to insist very much. I spent hours and hours in the lab, developing thousands of proof-testings. I believe photography was en is my major discovery: it absorbed one hundred percent of my life, trapped in a passion of seeing each and every story that emerged from every project.




How did you become a Photographer and what was your very first influence ?
My beginning in the fashion-photography started when I was going for a walk in the Ciutadella-Park in Barcelona, where the first edition of the catwalk 080 Barcelona Fashion was taking place. I just decided to walk with curiosity with my camera, and decided to go backstage, between the designers, the models and other characters.
In every corner all over the place, there was a photo-opportunity. I handed some of the pictures I took to the designers and Gori de Palma took interest in my work, asking me to shoot the photos of the next collection. From that moment, magazines began to contact me, and very soon I was in the middle of the fashion-world.


Today, what is your strongest inspiration ?
There are many of them. I believe that we are constantly influenced by something or someone, and therefore it is important for me to cherish this, because it will be reflected in our thoughts. I choose every day carefully what to see, to hear,etc… My major inspiration is the world I am living in.


Black Cat by Cristian Di Stefano
Can you explain to us the way you work ?
To coordinate and consolidate the whole team in the same direction is fundamental and essential.
If a part of it fails or does not get enough or the right information, you will not get what you wanted. We have long meetings and we polish each detail of every story until the presentation-day. Fashion gives me the opportunity to tell stories, to experiment with new techniques and to develop myself with every project.
Our heart enjoys more  walking the path than arriving at the finish.


Where do you find your ideas for a project ?
In the film-world, directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Andréi Tarkovski, Vincent Gallo, Patrice Leconte, Danny Boyle and many others, and in comics someone like Milo Manara.



Can you tell us the craziest experience you’ve had on a project ?
About one year ago, we had a fashion-shoot for British Schön Magazine in an abandoned internship-school near Barcelona. It happened to be quite chaotic and we did not get enough material. Finally everything came out O.K. and I would do it again without any doubt. Despite all the stress they are unforgettable experiences.


What is your dream job/project ?
I can tell you about the work I did for the Diesel brand. From the start everything was under control.We new exactly what the expectations were and despite two long days of shooting the producer did a great job. We got everything we needed and I can say that this is the best way to get work done.




What is the feeling that you wish to communicate in your work ?
It is always the kind of stories that not necessarily have to make sense or have any logic, but rather a compendium of sensations.
As for me, photography is a fantastic language and the message is connected with the image. They are nothing without each other. The high contrast, the bright lights, the saturated colours and the deep blacks, give it the strength, the character, the sensuality, beauty and provocation I feel when I express myself.


Have you got other current projects ?
My ambition is to move to New York City and travel around the world doing what I love most: photography!



Your last words ?
‘The sublime cannot be differentiated from the disturbing’




website: www.cristiandistefano.com

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