Photo: Paolo Colaiocco Stylist: Irene Ghillani & Prisca Maizzi Hair and make up: Elena Bettanello Model: Marta at 2morrow, Maria at 2morrow, Andrea at Independent men Marta: Shirt Simon Cracker, sweater Co|TE, skirt Giacomo Lattari, shoes Giacomo Lattari Maria: Total look and shoes Giacomo Lattari

Cristian Di Stefano was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina (1973). Has lives in Barcelona and Madrid for the past eleven years. Having had experience across subjects including hairdressing, marketing, communications and graphic design, he now focuses on photography and creative directing for different magazines and brands such as: Diesel, Gori de Palma, V Magazine, Dazed Digital, Vs. Magazine, Fiasco, ...