Canary Stripes


When you arrive for the first time in the Canary Islands you have the feeling of being in a land without borders. The eye is able to distinguish just the colors that make up our surroundings. The sea, the earth, the rocks and the sky appear like colors stripes painted from nature that impress directly into the eyes of the people who populate that lands. This way you can really appreciate the spirituality of nature and understand how truly small humanity is.

The images show the precise use of unconventional compositional scheme, we see in fact how the landscapes are schematized and how they open up the view to the immensity of the sky, characteristic feature of the islands,to the saturated colors and to the “porosity” of the various surfaces.

The shapes of the mountains, the movement of the earth and the roads are the guidelines of the project: the road trip, the wilderness and its supremacy on the citizens of the world.

The people you see in the pictures are somewhat distant from the scene, neither their face is portrayed nor they interact with the image. However they work almost as a reference and they always nd one characterizing space: it seems as if everyone lives in a surreal world of dimensions that doesn’t correspond to reality and proceeds for its life forgetting everything that happens around.
The respect for the islands is visible everywhere. Every architectural detail is inspired by the typical Canarian materials and the streets seem paths created by the wind and laid down on the mountains. Traditions are even more deeply rooted in the ground: The care for the cactus, used just like lucky charms and planted everywhere, the Aloe cultivation, a beneficial plant with a thousand uses, the simple cooking with many flavours.
The night offers the best show, as you drive through the deserted streets you have the impression of being watched

About the author:
Giampaolo Flamini was born in 1991 in Rome. He worked in a private archive of old footage and also as production assistant and scene photographer in some italian films and documentaries. He Graduate at IED Rome.

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