When you arrive for the first time in the Canary Islands you have the feeling of being in a land without borders. The eye is able to distinguish just the colors that make up our surroundings. The sea, the earth, the rocks and the sky appear like colors stripes painted from nature that impress directly […]

Icelandic landscapes are constantly changing. The volcanism and weather condition due the location of the island just a few miles south of the arctic circle, shaping the face of the island and create new amazing features in any given time. Iceland was an experience I have never had before. Looking through the photos I took, […]

Photos and text by Alberto Álvarez Galicia, Scotland, Ísland was born from the conception of these photographs as the physical part (and a proof) of the memory after a long trip. To come back home and to start thinking of these images as objects that can be manipulated, as toys of the act of remembering. […]

David Barreiro, A Estrada (Spain), 1982, studied photography at EFTI school (Madrid), getting his Master degree in documentary photography in september 2012. He has been working independently in the last three years on his personal work in Iceland, Spain and Cambodia, which can be seen at his website . In december 2012 he had a […]

edited by silvia conde ( photos by marzena skubatz Marzena Skubatz is a 34-year-old photographer from Poland, based in Germany and Iceland. If you ask her, she will tell you she lives “here and there”. Her unspoilt landscapes transport us to another world, somewhere where the nature is still something wild and strong. It seems to […]

The hippest long weekend on the annual music-festival calendar.