Text & photographs by Tom Kondrat

edited by Victor Anton

Iceland, a place where I wanted to go since I was a child fascinated by the volcanoes and geysers. I got inspired by Simon Roberts’ book ‘Motherland’ and the film ‘Nói albinói’ especially by the colours and atmosphere during the winter time. The idea was to travel alone around Iceland by car during the coldest, gloomiest time, when the Sun is up for less than 5.5h during the day. I guess I was the only ‘tourist’ in the country at that time. I wanted to document how people cope with their everyday life in these conditions. Instead I was struck by the beautiful, bleak, raw and simple landscapes that perfectly described my feelings.


In 2008, at the age of 26, Tom Kondrat buys his second camera and for the first time it is clear what he wants to do in his life. He is slowly developing his own personal style and he is looking for more opportunities to learn, to experience. to show, to express.



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