Raph & I: The adventure.

The adventure starts when I first met my partner, Raph. A skier, a thrill seeker, an environmentalist, lover of all things great and small; But most of all an adventurer who will never stay still. He took me to see things I would have never seen on my own, wide eyed and nervous of what might lay ahead. I signed up and went into a world I had never seen before.

From the security of my home and my family in Australia we took off and explored together. A small portion of Canada, British Columbia into the mountains of Whistler Blackhomb and it’s snow covered surroundings. So here I am,experiencing snow for the very first time; half wide eyed like a child at Christmas but more so like a fish out of water.  Overwhelmed with excitement and fear here is a small section of what our adventure looked like.

About the author:
Courtney Hoskin was born in 1991. She is a photographer based in Australia, with a love of travel. Studied at The Australian Academy of Design and Exchanged at The University of Creative Arts (England). Graduated from The Australian Academy of Design with an award of Distinction across all my studies; and a Director’s Award of High Distinction in Photo Media. Courtney has work published in 2013 edition of AGideas.

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