Lisboa, places to go: The Alfama Hotel

I was in Lisbon, Portugual for Modalisboa for the second season consequently – where would it be the best place to stay if not the charming and nostalgic old quarter and home of Fado Alfama?
[dropcap type=”1″]O[/dropcap]n Rua de Santiago, the road where Cristoforo Colombo got married and the start of Camino de Santiago de Compostela lays Santiago de Alfama Hotel, a nineteen rooms botique Hotel restored from a 15th Century palazzo that had been a Shirt Factory – it’s interesting to mention that most of the people working in the factory itself were actually living there!

Santiago de Alfama is perfectly located below the Castle of Saint Georges and above the Miradouro de Santa Luiza famous viewpoint. As I arrived to the Hotel I couldn’t stop myself from admiring the sunset and the romantic view of Alfama while listening to Fado melodies accompanying the disappearance of the sun. Fado is the soul of Alfama!

The building is extremely well-preserved due to the very strict guidelines placed by the Portoguese Ministry of Culture – none of the rooms has the same shape and each single room has been individually restored.

I was given a top floor room which had absolutely the best view. As I woke up in the morning with a marvellous fresh “homemade breakfast” from Audrey’s Café the light coming in from my window and the strum of a mandoline from the street I thought I needed nothing more.

I wish i had more time to spend over Santiago de Alfama and I love late night chats in front of a drink – Manny’s Bar on the ground floor is the best place to catch up for pre and after-dinner drinks.  Its cosy atmosphere and the dim lights create a perfect and intimate atmosphere.

I was firstly caught from the interiors of this Hotel – almost exotic like a Moroccan Riad and at the same time cosmopolitan and trendy like a Manhattan hub.

All the décor is result of the owner’s inspirations Heleen, who meticulously brought together Indian and  Portoguese craftsmanship.

Santiago de Alfama is definitely the best place to stay to experience Lisboa – not only for its great location and remarkable interiors and attention to detail but also for the courtesy of the staff  that conquered me straight away.

Luckily I’ll be back soon!

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