Ana Luisa Matos

Ana Luisa Matos’ work focuses on the concept of home and identity. Her most recent series, No Place To Lay My Head, explores her relationship with her home country.

In 2001 Portugal decided to deal with its endemic narcotics problem in a novel manner; By decriminalizing all narcotics and instead choosing to focus on harm reduction efforts they were able to drastically reduce the negative effects normally associated with drug abuse within the country. Shifting away from treating drug users as criminals and putting […]

I was in Lisbon, Portugual for Modalisboa for the second season consequently - where would it be the best place to stay if not the charming and nostalgic old quarter and home of Fado Alfama?

Boundless is the 48th edition of Moda Lisboa - the Lisbon Fashion week. From the 9th -12th of March we've seen showing the autumn winter's '17-'18 collections at Centro Cultural de Belem and two shows at the Berardo Collection Museum.

"TOGETHER" is the theme for this season of ModaLisboa, Europe oldest independent Fashion Week which takes place twice a year after the Paris shows.

Broken Ground is a particular landscape that we can find in the city periphery, where a different organization and interaction between man and space is visible. The idea of borderline and the observation of the social and visual differences connected to the urban space were the starting point of this series, intending to highlight the […]

About the project: Last summer I went to Portugal with my family. My parents wanted to see the sights of Portugal but i was interested in the other side of portugal. I saw a lot of suffering and poorness there and tourists who didn’t care. On the first day in portugal i saw an old […]

About the author: Nuno Awouters works and lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Publications in Private magazine, Fotofobia, Squarespacemagazine, Reportages photo, The portfolio project, Pickzine, le monde diplomatic among others.   About the project: A slice of live gets stuck; something liturgical appears from the quotidian that tears us apart from what is a living being. We […]

It is still said around here that the house is haunted. At the house there lived seven ladies, all maiden sisters. One of them was a witch. On full moon nights, the ladies in their white garments would fly from the balcony to the leafy branches of the chestnut across the street. From there they […]

Nuno Moreira is a visual artist living and working in Tokyo, originally from Lisbon, Portugal. His projects take the form of photography, video, photo-montage and installation. He has exhibited solo and in group shows since 2006, just released the photo book “State of Mind” and his work seeks to explore themes such as identity, memory, […]