Boundless: the 48th edition of Moda Lisboa

[dropcap type=”1″]A[/dropcap] conference with Fast Talks on fashion and sustainability opened on March 9 and the Nuno Gama fashion show ended the event on Sunday with a performance inspired by the hidden secret of S. Vicente de Fora. Also Dino Alves presented a revolutionary show inviting Ana Bola and Maria Rueff to humorously criticize and explain how and why we do our work and how the public relates with it, like a manual of instructions. AWAYTOMARS contrary to what happens in traditional business models managed to reduce costs and wasted time with no seasonality or stock. Only the items sold are manufactured. The idea is to promote “a new sales model where profits are shared with both original designers and community members who contribute for the final design.”

24 collections were presented including Sangue Novo, LAB and established names in Portuguese Fashion industry such as: Ricardo Preto, Ricardo Andrez, Eureka, Kolovrat, Filipe Faisca, Mustra, Luis Carvalho, Duarte, Christophe Sauvat, Valentim Quaresma, Dino Alves, Nadir Tati and Nuno Gama.

There have been different initiatives during the shows like the presence of GFX – Global Fashion Exchange an international project of exchange and sustainability in Fashion, based on the idea that[quote_box name=””] “as a rule, we use only an average of 7 times the same garment before we throw it or change it”.[/quote_box]

This year a different location for Boundless as “fashion without boundaries, without restrictions, a fashion that regains its own identity and authenticity, reflecting a world that is interconnected and cannot be ruled by space and time. A research intended to find a universal language and emotional sharing “, explains Moda Lisboa in a statement.



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