Broken Ground

Broken Ground is a particular landscape that we can find in the city periphery, where a different organization and interaction between man and space is visible.

The idea of borderline and the observation of the social and visual differences connected to the urban space were the starting point of this series, intending to highlight the landscape and interaction between people and the places they inhabit, thinking of ‘borderline’ as something directly connected to people and how their conceptions and behavior about territory and possession leads to separation, misunderstanding and conflict.

In Broken Ground we perceive the concern of Ana Catarina Pinho for unveiling certain contemporary social issues and contradictions, relating them with architecture and urban space, making people with their expectations and emotions the center of interest and the core of this series.

It is interesting that the author merges the images of diverse suburban areas belonging to Portugal and Turkey creating a fictional place that calls the attention for the similarities of situations and people between different cultures, showing at the same time the psychological and spatial border that divide people and spaces in many of our contemporary territories.

Ana Catarina Pinho studied Visual Arts and finished her MA in Documentary Photography, in 2010.

Is the founder editor of Archivo and is currently working as a freelance photographer and Assistant Professor of Documentary Photography at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto.

Her work combines a documentary approach, relating diverse people with the landscape and places where they live or work. Several significant projects could be mentioned, all of which are powerful series where the fictional reinforces the documentary. She is represented in several exhibitions and her projects are in print on a number of different publications.

She is Currently based in Portugal.

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