About the author:

Nuno Awouters works and lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Publications in Private magazine, Fotofobia, Squarespacemagazine, Reportages photo, The portfolio project, Pickzine, le monde diplomatic among others.


About the project:

A slice of live gets stuck; something liturgical appears from the quotidian that tears us apart from what is a living being.
We can just remember the deepness and telluric that was left behind in the voracity of progress and construction, building a world fill with evocations of times when nature framed us.
This project started by documentation the transformation of a memory of live in the religious objects, how that is applied to our current live, what are the remaining of man and it´s ultimate nature. In this point, nature, is the last refuge that connect us with the transcendental , whit the origin.

Disconnection that builds places where we only have a glimpse of the total need we have to survive, we cannot tear her apart, nevertheless I can only find little remaining of her in the city. We are still not fully aware of the importance of our relation, and people seem more apart from the whole meaning of live.
At this speed she will be nothing more than a reliquary in our existence.


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