Gold Rush

In this series of portraits “Gold Rush” The photographer explores the coexistence of two different eras. With eight models and the help from the crew members. The project shows the contrast between economic motivations of American civilians in mid 19th century as people of modern day. By posing these characters with 21st century technology. The project create a dialogue between generations. It also reveals the conflict between the two different eras and shows how cyclical economic and innovative tides can be.

Through these portraits, the views explore the relationships between economic drive and cultural values. No matter what era or place people have come from, the human spirit will always strive to create something new while building on the foundation of their predecessors.

About the author:
Qingjian Meng was born in 1988 in Beijing, China. After getting his B.A. in photography from New York Film Academy, he began his photography career working alongside top fashion photographers in NYC in editorial and fine art shoots for international publications and gallery exhibits. Currently working and shooting in Los Angeles, Meng specializes in fashion and editorial portraiture. Meng’s work has been published in various spaces including Chevrolet China, GM China, Daffah Saudi Arabia.

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