Hello, i want to launch a printed portfolio reviews edition in black and white.

As we don’t have much money to produce it in a large quantity and it will be home printed.

If you are interested, we ask you to send your photos in black and white in a pdf with 4-5 examples, no more please. We are looking for film photos, no digital please.

We’ll print 20 numbered copies for each photographer that we decide to publish, the photographer will have a copy home printed for himself and a the 20% of the money that we earn selling the copies. We know that we are giving you not enough, but we wanna try in this way to promote the photographers that we like and try to grow to find new ways to promote you and us.

We’ll publish a new photographer every time that we sold out the 20 copies.

You can send your pdf proposal at positivemag[at]

In the same time, I want to promote my first zine, called “Travel to Bosnia”. Black and white, 24 pages with an original photo-cover printed.
5 Euros + 3 Euros Shipping

Here some photo examples.

To buy it send us a mail at positivemag[at]




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