Mauritania was a wonderful Sahara experience. The Sand often paint the sky, my hairs, my ears, and my eyes. Nouadhibou and Nouakchott were chaos. Getting out of towns was the best, driving out, direction this wild land of dryness more east. The desert has some wonderful villages where generous people will always offer you a […]

Human Hotel is a travel community founded by a social design studio based in Copenhagen. It brings together local artists, creative people and visionaires, who will host people from all over the world for an interesting travel experience.

Greece is the first gateway to Europe mainland for refugees and migrants, crossing the East borders of Greece (from northeast Evros River to southeast Aegean Sea) including Greece’s capital, Athens. In September 2011, Greece started constructing a 12,5 Km ‘anti-immigration’ fence across Evros River which is the natural Greek-Turkish border. From December 2012, the safest […]

Rima Sater is a 26-year old Canadian who was born and raised in London, Ontario. Throughout her life, her interests have been varied and explored to some degree. Having studied Bioarchaeological Anthropology and Philosophy in University, photography was never something she had considered until stumbling upon her parents’ old film cameras in her earlier twenties. […]

Yusuke Tanaka is professional photographer based in Japan. He works as a commercial photographer shooting models, products, and etc. His works have been selected for “The Story of the Creative Exhibition” in NY 2013.

edit she thought outside the box photos silvia conde (   We arrived to Berlin in autumn a year ago, we survived to the freezing winter and we really enjoyed the spring the summer. Little by little we are discovering and getting to know this captivating city. So it’s high time we finally write a post […]

The hippest long weekend on the annual music-festival calendar.