Rima Sater is a 26-year old Canadian who was born and raised in London, Ontario. Throughout her life, her interests have been varied and explored to some degree. Having studied Bioarchaeological Anthropology and Philosophy in University, photography was never something she had considered until stumbling upon her parents’ old film cameras in her earlier twenties. Since then she hasn’t stopped documenting her surroundings.

Rima spent the last year living abroad in Europe and was instantly comforted by the timelessness it reflected in nature, culture and architecture. She wanted to remember the warmth she felt in these unfamiliar foreign places that possessed a sense of familiarity. To her, these landscapes emphasized that longing for escape from the so-called “structured” lives some of us live on a daily basis, using European tropicana as her subject matter. These images were taken on 35mm film, as she thought this medium maintained the aesthetic that provoked such feelings in the first place. There was a true level of contrast in the world she knew in Canada, and the world she became to know abroad.

Her latest project, “Palms Away”, is meant to draw from her interests in historical preservation and the romanticism behind it; that of which she felt Europe truly represented.










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