Photos by Luca Tombolini

Doors to Time. We are observers on the edge of infinity. This project continues my previous studies on desertic landscapes and their possibility to evoke past times and places. What attracts me to this kind of environment is its ability to tell us where we are coming from and its possible relation to other parts of Universe that existed or will exist in Time. Simplicity in composition and the quest for symmetry goes along with this reasoning as this whole work makes me think i’m unconsciously looking for a unifying and simple principle, lying beneath what we are part of.

Lambda C-type print, 166x125cm mounted on aluminum.

Luca Tombolini, born 1979 in Milan, completed Classical Studies at high school and then graduated in Communication Studies with a final assignment on visual rhetoric in cinema. Professional photographer since 2006, he’s dedicating a lot of his time to personal projects. He works in large format negative film and drum scans, printing 166x125cm lambda prints mounted on aluminum.

LS IV 22

LS IV 21

LS IV 20

LS IV 19

LS IV 18

LS IV 17

LS IV 16

LS IV 15

LS IV 14

LS IV 13

LS IV 12

LS IV 11

LS IV 10

LS IV 09

LS IV 08

LS IV 07

LS IV 06

LS IV 05

LS IV 04

LS IV 03

LS IV 02

LS IV 01ald

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