Photos by Natia Rekhviashvili


Natia Rekhviashvili (15)

Where do you live?

I live in Tbilisi, Georgia. Located on the southeastern edge of Europe, Tbilisi’s proximity to lucrative east-west trade routes often made the city a point of contention between various rival empires throughout history. Historically, Tbilisi has been home to peoples of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Natia Rekhviashvili (10)


How did you start taking pictures? Usually there is always the old story of the boy who finds his grandfather’s camera; did that happen to you as well or not?

Ever since my childhood I loved drawing and painting. In the last few years I’ve been painted rarely photography filled the need of art inside me.  Photography became an integral part of my life.  My grandfather and uncle were amateur photographers, I have many beautiful B&W old family portraits at home.  First time I used my brother’s old film camera and made few portraits of my friends. I studied in collage of fine arts. Than continued studding fashion design in university. Photography was close to me, soon I bought my own camera and began taking photos, mostly documentary life involved self portraiture. Than I passed many good photography workshops and improved my skills.

Natia Rekhviashvili (5)


Where your inspiration does comes from?

My inspiration comes from stories around me, real life, emotions.  I express my thoughts and feelings by self portraits. One project I began to express the feelings of loneliness in a crowd, when a young woman is somewhere else with thoughts, not connected to the group and place.  I leave it up to the observer to perceive the image in their own way

Natia Rekhviashvili (3)


In a portrait, what is important for you?

In portrait it is important to show human’s soul,  emotion. Background, the complex atmosphere  tells about the person.

Natia Rekhviashvili (6)


What kind of relationship do you have with your subject when you shoot?

 Mostly I work in self portraiture. Self portraits is a way for me to express a story or idea I have wherever I am, whenever.

Natia Rekhviashvili (9)


Do you think it’s important to follow a school to learn how to shoot?

Yes It’s important, but more important is to develop yourself and continue hard working, improving, investigating.

Natia Rekhviashvili (1)


What’s the photo you want to take and you never did?

Photos of some important people  who have died already.

Natia Rekhviashvili (13)


What’s your photo-mission?

To make such photos so they are worthy.

Natia Rekhviashvili (12)

Natia Rekhviashvili (8)

Natia Rekhviashvili (7)

Natia Rekhviashvili (16)


Natia Rekhviashvili (4)


Natia Rekhviashvili (11)



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13th İstanbul Biennial’s Graphic Works, interview with Lava Design Amsterdam

13th İstanbul Biennial’s Graphic Works, interview with Lava Design Amsterdam

Edited by: Beste Sabir Proofreading: Bianca Baroni Where: 13th İstanbul



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