This series was made the last two years, those pictures are made from 3 differents country that I went for different reason. We have feeling with place and people by accident, love, friends, work. As a photographer i shoot in all this condition as part of my life. In my photography the most important thing […]

edited by silvia conde ( photos by lisa smit Lisa Smit was born 21 years ago in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. At first sight you might think she’s studying Photography or anything related to Fine Arts, but to everyone’s surprise she’s actually into Medicine. In any case, her talent is obvious. She shoots both digital and […]

Australian Photographer's empty landscapes act as visual markers for memory and nostalgia.

Italian photographer Matteo Varsi uses expired polaroid film as a visual diary of his everyday life.

Bulgarian artist Arslan Ahmedov uses a combination of analogue photography and manipulated texture to create ephemeral portraits and ethereal landscapes, all just beyond reach.