e Maasstad, Roffa or 010, whatever you want to call Rotterdam, it’s definitely the best city for skateboarding in The Netherlands. Since I moved to the Netherlands, two years ago, I used to visit pretty often Rotterdam’s rival city Amsterdam before I finally managed to visit Rotterdam and naturally, I still really like Amsterdam and […]

Clothing: Verena Schepperheyn Photography: Isolde Woudstra Model: Paul Georg at Indeed Models Shooting assistant: Madeleine Matysek

An old saying ‘Excess is dangerous’ has proved pivotal for mankind and its evolution. With the increasing shortage of time, the affair of an office man with his desk/chair has intensified (literally and figuratively). Too much of sitting has made man a fixture to his chair. Exercise and fitness have become the least important priorities of […]

Sleep deprivation can interfere with mental functions, and change your perception and state of consciousness. With my series ‘Streets of Insomnia’ I imagined the world of my Insomnia. Through my sleeping disorder I sometimes feel as if I live in a different world. Lost in thought, I experience the world as an illusion. The dreamy […]

edited by silvia conde ( photos by lisa smit Lisa Smit was born 21 years ago in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. At first sight you might think she’s studying Photography or anything related to Fine Arts, but to everyone’s surprise she’s actually into Medicine. In any case, her talent is obvious. She shoots both digital and […]