Flower Market + Regent's Canal

If you have ever wondered what to do in London on Sunday morning, here’s the answer.
The flower market in Columbia Road (Hackney) becomes to me the place to go.

I’m not a big fan of flowers (also because of my allergy, especially in this period) but the atmosphere here is magic, and for sure it doesn’t seem to be London.

IMG_4964A part from the flowers, the nice area surrounding columbia Road is full of vintage bakeries where you can breathe the real smell of homemade cookies and pastries.



Lily Vanilli Bakery and Jones Dairy Cafe are my favorite ones, you should give them a try!

Antique shops, street musicians and a low turists concentration make this district a magic place.

After your breakfast/brunch here, you can also go for a walk along Regent’s Canal (4.5 km, 1hr) till Limehouse Basin (near Canary Wharf), a prestigious residential area that was once an important commercial harbor.


Along the canal it is easy to see lots of moorings, residential boat where people actually live, and lots of people jogging or biking.
Some of the moorings have been turned into business activities, so if you get tired during the walk, you can take a break in a “boat tea room” or buy some books in a “library on the water”.





Even if you are on your own, this walk along the canal is very relaxing. That’s why this place has become one of my best places in London.


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