Look what you missed living in DC

Washington is all about Obama, or at least in my neighborhood.

I ended up living with 2 guys working for democratic party, I have met a lot of democratic employees and even 2 of my neighbor-friends work for the Obama administration.
So, of course, my US experience is surrounded by a definitely more democratic view.

Truthfully, I’m not very much into the american politic (as much as I’m not into the Italian one) but I tried to understand how things work here.

I got to know how American election is structured, I watched all three Obama-Romney debates and I tried to follow the election results.
But, at the end, I had to give up just because things were getting a little bit boring.
For much as I know, apart from Washington, Americans are less interested in the federal state’s political life than I thought and the reason why is because presidential election is more about very broad topic and foreign policy (if I’m not wrong, one of the three debates was all about “we are going to do this in this country, do that in the other one, and to be sure that China will respect the rules – by the way, which rules? – in the international scenario) and less about everyday issues.
Yes, I know they often talk about taxes, but, in the end, everyone has different definition for middle class people so I didn’t get what their promises were.

Unfortunately I missed the Washington’s most important day of the last four years, just because I was in New York during the election day.
As much as I know, people celebrated Obama’s victory all around the city (and here when people celebrate something, they start drinking until they lay down on the ground) while I was stuck in the Big Apple’s freezing weather (damn it!).
And even if I didn’t care too much about the US election, I remember the precise moment when I was walking in front of Democracy Plaza and I noticed that partial results gave Romney as future president, and, to be honest, I felt a little bit sad about it.

But I think that now the political fervor will calm down for a couple years and Washington will return to be a bit more boring than it was before. I mean, I had and still have a lot of fun here, but after seeing the real life of some of the big American cities, there is no chance that Washington will score in the top ranking of my best us places.

I’m sorry for that, dear Washington DC

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About Dying: a project by Cathrine Ertmann

About Dying: a project by Cathrine Ertmann

Photos by Cathrine Ertmann Cathrine Ertmann was born in Denmark in 1983

"Photography", an exhibition at Carla Sozzani Gallery, Milan

"Photography", an exhibition at Carla Sozzani Gallery, Milan

Photos and Text by Costanza Gianquinto, guest editor from Milan, Italy from 11th

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