new york

Stephanie Jung does compositions based on multiple exposures of urban landscapes. In this way her pictures capture different times and perspectives of a urban space.

When she arrived in the United States in 2006, Sandrine Hermand Grisel and her family embarked on a road trip to discover their new country of adoption. By car, they drove across six different states (California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona), on a journey of a thousand miles where they discovered well-known monuments and national parks as well ...

Photographer: Isaac Sterling Stylist: Shadi Beccai Grooming: Garret Gervais Models: Frederik Tolke @ 2 management Dathan Shades @ 2 managment Levi Dylan @ next James Payne jacket Hanes t shirt BLK DNM jeans James Payne jacket Hanes t shirt BLK DNM jeans US jacket Commune de Paris button-down shirt BLK DNM jeans BLK DNM jacket […]

If there is one thing you have to do once in your lifetime, this is waiting for New Year’s Eve in Times Square, NY. I said once, just because after that you certainly will never spend new year’s eves in NY again. Hell seems to be a nicer place, I swear.

Why Thanksgiving is way better than Christmas

Washington is all about Obama, or at least in my neighborhood. I ended up living with 2 guys working for democratic party, I have met a lot of democratic employees and even 2 of my neighbor-friends work for the Obama administration. So, of course, my US experience is surrounded by a definitely more democratic view.