New York: a project by Stephanie Jung

Stephanie Jung does compositions based on multiple exposures of urban landscapes. In this way her pictures capture different times and perspectives of a urban space.
new york

“New York” is part of a long-term project, where the photographer deals with transience and how almost everything in life gets lost in time. The pictures capture common streets and areas of New York, where topics as urbanity, identity and speed are definitely present.

You see views of daily street life suspended yet looks active with frames leaving traces of themselves and repetative silhouets. Her work does not only represent urban environments, but also the rushing associated with them, exploring the themes of time and caducity. In these photographs, the viewer is pushed to truly observe a bustling place from one point in space, but several points in time.

The project originated in a trip to New York in November 2014, where Stephanie was exploring the city with all its facets. Walking through the city with no special location in mind, she was fascinated by the energetic atmosphere.

About the author:
Stephanie Jung was born 1989 in South-West Germany. In 2010 she finished her studies in Visual Communications, where she discovered her passion for experimental photography. Since then she is working as a freelance photographer and editor, focussing on experimental photography. Some of her work has been published in different magazines and exhibited in art galleries. Stephanie lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

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