This photography series is about the sunlight and objects around in all the seasons of a year. Many people and phenomena are visually transformed by sunlight, and at this very moment the magic of each road, each tree, each piece of space becomes more tangible under the influence of this glow. We are immediately surrounded by a lot of new and unusual things, that we haven’t notice before.

These photographs were taken on Moscow’s avenues, parks and streets and in Russian small provincial towns. Looking at them we quit unexpectedly see the bounds between the capital and province being wiped out by the influence of sunlight.

The autumn sunset is like burning leaves in the dark. The sky and the air are shining through the trees in winter light. In the first days of spring two dogs are running towards some strange, mysterious areola. And in summer we see a sort of visible aura of the place in a huge reflection of light falling on the house.

Light is the most striking and exciting phenomenon in nature in its ability to change the forms and shapes of objects giving them some mysterious or unusual meaning. But at the same time it is quit constant: the sunlight always comes after gloomy, cloudy days – it doesn’t depend on our mood.

New feet within my garden go –
New fingers stir the sod –
A Troubadour upon the Elm
Betrays the solitude.

New children play upon the green –
New Weary sleep below –
And still the pensive Spring returns –
And still the punctual snow!

Emily Dickinson

About the author:
Anna Lampasova studies theatre history and criticism in GITIS, the University of Theatre Arts. She is a street photographer, a beginner, living in Moscow. In 2009 she was nominated for International Web-Journalism Award (“Yousmi Web-Journalism Awards”, Minsk, Belarus) and got a price for her blog – she represented some articles on theatre and art, adding several reportage photographs to them.

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