Lots of images need explanations nowadays: the viewer can not separate the image from its meaning. Sometimes there are too many words about what “you should see”.  Your fantasy moves only in the direction of author.

But what if you can just look and feel? How far can your thoughts fly away? For Polina Washington it’s possible to “read” the image based on your own perception. “Deep Stillness” is something you don’t need to “translate” – you’re welcome to bring your own understanding and feeling. She thinks only that allows art to be opened for everyone.

Thinking about the World after humanity? A glory of Nature? “Deep stillness” is a story where humanity is not discussed and not argued as a force that ruins the beauty of environment. Obviously it’s another story. Pictures lead you to the stream of poetical musing about the unique essence of Nature. Forgotten paths, woods and other pieces of Earths that bloom far away from men’s dominance. Hidden places exist by their on rules. Author doesn’t create a goal to show how wonderful Nature can be with no people but enjoy the World that already exists. What’s hidden from the eyes depends only from a viewer.

Sometimes, a step away from reality  is the only chance to take a breath from what we used to see around us. Wars won’t stop, cruelty won’t disappear but consciousness is boundless – it enjoys the beauty and accept it in each little thing, moment or even a word. Author invites you to meditate on images and maybe find out that it’s only us who are responsible for the borders of sensitivity.

Polina Washington was born in 1991. She lives and works in Russia, Saint-Petersburg as a film photographer. She graduated from University of Cinema and Television as a director of photography.
She has been published by CVLTNation, Portable.

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