I’m a Filmmaker and Photographer from Glasgow, Scotland. My work is often perceived as somewhat offbeat and I guess you could call it a nightmare for Chromophobiacs.

I find my films have a narrative but verge on the experimental. Both my films and photographs are dominated by colour and usually have an odd or surreal quality. I like oddities being in plain sight that way people can’t really unseen them. Having the images bright and colourful is just my way of removing the viewers eyelids.

I just finished post-production on my new film, “CAUSTIC GULP”. The film was shot in Florida at the start of the year. It tells the story of a mysterious chemical reacting with the chlorine of a hotel swimming pool. This causes the birth of an irregular cult. I feel the project has really allowed me to unspool my fascination with the eccentricities of human behaviour. I developed the film for an audience to study the irregular behaviours of strangers in an unusual situation. I think we’re a generation of perverts and I find it thrilling to watch an audience of regular people transforming into a crowd of peeping toms. The film was constructed to keep it’s viewer at a distance but to quickly engage them while slowly leading them in to the film’s darkly comic but disconcerting situation.

Bryan M. Ferguson is a filmaker and photographer and He has been taking photographs in between motion picture projects since 2008 and his films play in festivals all over the world.
Most notably his short film, The Misbehaviour of Polly Paper Cut recently opened for David Lynch’s BLUE VELVET at “Painting in Perpetual Motion” to coincide with his recent exhibition at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. The film tells the story of a hispanic girl trapped in delusions of grandeur and submerging herself into a world of comics and candy coloured nihilism.

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