Fertile Stimuli is the first film photograph series I did, so far in life. During one year (2014) I used  5 35mm rolls and I just wanted to see what happened, no matter if the roll was expired.

I was used to digital and immediacy,so I had to learn about patience while I was waiting to see the results, it’s like love again but in a completely different way. But love… always.  After making an edition of the series on April 2015, with Sol Montero, I left work there, resting and decanting.  In June, it reached the hands of Roberto Huarcaya and a group of photographers, where I first showed the series ‘in public’. Next to him, I realized that I repeat patterns in photography. It was the perfect seed for new series. This patterns represented me and my own label as a photographer. It was all I was looking for but did not see.  This film testing served as a stimulus. Leads, then, the name Fertile Stimuli because of the letter that Amadeo Modigliani sends to his friend Oscar Ghiglia, where he speaks of seek to provoke and stimulate intelligence to its maximum creative power.

About the author:
Carolina Mery
(Viña del Mar, 1989), studied Professional Photography at the I.P. ARCOS and made a specialization in photography and architecture at the Ponthificial Catholic University. She has participated in individual and collective exhibitions. ‘Contingencia’ a solo exhibition, Main hall of the Chilean-North American Institute, Valparaíso (2012). A group exhibition ‘La Cosa Nostra’, space Galvez Inc. Valparaíso (2014). Selected for regional photography workshops taught by Roberto Huarcaya, Viña del Mar (2015). Group exhibition ’36 hours, 12 selected and one check restaurant’ Sala Puntángeles, Valparaíso (2015). Selected for the portfolios review in the International Photography Festival in Valparaiso FIFV (2015).

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