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photographs by Martyna Gumula


Martyna Gumuła  is a 23 old Polish photographer from Gdansk. She studied Journalism and Public Relations at the Gdansk School Of Humanities.
She started her career in photography five years ago. She chose this artistic direction because she feels a great affinity with the enhanced beauty of a frozen moment in time. Martyna mainly focuses on the female form studying the relationship between inner and outer beauty as well as the innocence of self awareness. She likes making portraits because faces, and above all eyes, are the most expressive parts of the human being.
Martyna has always been artistic. She started with sketching and painting and then graduated into photography. Initially she took many pictures of random subjects and the obvious next step was to start working with models. Initially she found her inexperience in photographic settings very challenging but she learnt very quickly and soon developed her own style, and after several sessions, realized her passion lay in the more taboo areas of ‘Polish’ society. She needed to push the boundaries and grow in her ability and capture the truth in movement, people and their emotions. This led to a publishing session during a music video shoot 30STM inspired by ‘Hurricanes’, which was published in her portfolio in April 2012.

Martyna firmly believes that the learning process never ends. So she continues with practice day sessions and is very proud to have worked with, among others, Polish singer Anna Maria Jopek and also collaborated with one of the hottest  designers in Poland Robertem Kupiszem as well as model Ilona Felicjańska.
For this photographer, photography means escaping from the mundane to the sublime. To show the beauty and perfection in a captured moment by removing the imperfections and also adding fantasy and fairytale. Her photographs not only show the beauty of models but also shows the story of everyone of them , like a sentimental journey reflecting the art of her life. Evolution is very important for Martyna , she wishes to expand her imagination through discussion by choosing controversial topics such as abortion and fetish. She wants to take photographs that impressed people and make them debate. Art is emotion.

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