Ziad Zitoun: Mediterranean – Shared and Divided


by Kenia Cris

Images by Ziad Zitoun

Ziad Zitoun is a contemporary Tunisian artist who does an abstract artwork with a humanist perspective. He does an interdisciplinary work and composes about recurrent socials thematic of immigrants & human rights. In 2010, he starts the project Mediterranean – Shared & Divided. The interdisciplinary project explore between Sarajevo, Tunis, Istanbul and Cairo to create contemporary visual artwork in the area. 

Ziad promotes a dialogue among communities sharing common backgrounds. Given the current fragmentation of the Mediterranean belt due to hard European migration policies, he proposes artwork that contributes to pluralism, diversity and multiculturalism dialogue.



In this project, he deconstructs urban landscapes and creates an extended perception of Mediterranean Shores. Because photography is a powerful medium of communication, it opens new points of view & changes our perception of reality. Taking pictures as an open window, creates a bridge and permits new connections between the subject and the viewer. Photography can break a thousand borderlines & it invites you to explore the world, experience diverse cultures, to be concerned & sensitive to the world around.


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