Polaroids by Claudia Toloni

edited by silvia conde (silvia.conde@positive-magazine.com)

photos by claudia toloni

Claudia Toloni is a 28 years old photographer from Milan. She has a considerable collection of polaroids that will catch your eye at first sight. From bright colour to black and white ones, she has also wonderful double exposure shoots. When I came across one them, I didn’t hesitate to write her and ask a few questions.


what do you do for a living?
I’m not a professional photographer. I’m a social media analyst and I like my work. Photography is a passion, is what makes me feel fine and what made me realize who I am and who I want to be.



What inspires you?
Every day I discover a lot of artists and things that inspire me, especially through tumblr or flickr. Usually I find also the inspiration in my daily life: in the people around me, in the music in my earphones, in the books and movies. Sometimes I try to transform what I feel in my images, and sometimes my images are unspoken words. But in general my intent is to search and find, with the help of imagination, the beauty that exists in reality.



Which cameras do you have?
I’ve a lot of cameras! For digital I use a sony alpha 550 and my favourite lens is the 50mm. For the analog I use a Minolta xd-7. But in the last two years I’m in love with Polaroid cameras. I have some Polaroid 600 that I use with different films: colors and b/n Impossible Project and olso original polaroid film. I’ve also a Polaroid Colorpack II that I use with fuji film fp-100 and fp-3000b and I’m really enjoying with it.



What’s your favourite thing about photography?
First: the possibility to express my self. But I love also the playful side of photography! I like the possibility to try different techniques to catch the same subject. I love “catch” details and try to express the relationship between model and background. Usually I portray friends and people who I know and have a role in my life, and I’m very happy when they enjoy the shooting too.


Flickr: Claudia Toloni

Website: Wonderlandadventures

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